11 June 2012

It's too hot

Little bits of magic and tons of surprises.
When you wake up feeling as though you have walked a million miles in the desert, it's too hot.  One should wake up feeling refreshed, not icky.  Summer, though not officially until the 20th, feels worse this year because we honestly did not have a winter.  I am hoping that this year, our winter starts around Halloween and lasts until Valentines Day... you know, like normal places in the world.

I can't believe that in a handful of days, we will be totally immersed inside the magic of Disney for a delightful mini-break. I can't believe it because 1) it's flippin' hot and 2) we haven't stayed overnight for any length of time in 4 years.  Sure, we go for a day at least once a month or so but this time, we get to stay!  Trust me, we will be one of the crazy families who is at the Magic Kingdom until 2 a.m. - it's what we do.

We all know that I don't do much without making a list or planning it out and vacation is no different really.  I broke down the days we would be there and worked out the extra magic hours to create a rough itinerary... optimizing the days.  We'll get up "early" and go to a park and then, by lunchtime, we will return to our resort and swim in the pool all afternoon until about supper, then return to the park until close... possibly ending the day back in the pool. A lot of people who are there on vacation don't understand that breaks like these are necessary to survive the brutal Florida heat.  The parks aren't going anywhere... it isn't a sprint people, it's a marathon and you need to pace yourself.  Shoot, on one of the days, I even scheduled us all a nap - because how else will you survive until 2 a.m.?

Inspired by our upcoming vacation, I made Hobbit a little present. For those of you who have already asked on Ravelry, yes I do plan on releasing the pattern - I am in the process of gathering testers to validate my first ever crochet design. To say I am pleased with it would be an understatement... even more so when applied to Hobbit.  At least now I know she won't melt because she'll be able to have her water with her at all times.

Nothing beats the Florida heat more than super cute accessories to hold your water!


  1. Which hotel are you staying at? Wasnt it jsut last week you were complaining about the rain - now about the heat! LOL - you sound like a Californian....Your water bottle holder is way cute

    1. We've gone with a value resort this trip since all we'll be doing is sleeping and swimming - saving our funds for presents. I never complain about rain but I will always complain about heat... lol.

      Thanks for the compliment. I hope to have the pattern up by the end of the month.


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