30 June 2012

Tidying up and getting set

Neat and tidy is the key to my crafting sanity
At first, I wondered what I was going to do with the gap days between rounds of Nerd Wars now that we have switched to a standardized 28 days... then I blinked and my gap days were gone!

Tonight at midnight starts a brand new round.  I can't believe it is happening already but I'm set.  At least the Magic Points this round are something fabulous - 5 points, with a cap of 20 total possible points, for organizing and fully utilizing all aspects of your Ravelry account.  Straightening up your queue, filling out your project pages, fleshing out your stash and explaining your favorites with a quick tagging system are the core ones.  A bonus version to switch out deals with getting your library in order as well.

I must say, it was the easiest points I've ever earned because I keep my Ravelry space neat as a pin.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.  I'm all set for Round 2 of Nerd Wars and the final month of HPKCHC's Spring Term... plus the start of the Ravellenic Games happens at the end of the month as well.  It's going to be amazingly busy this July - and that is just how I like it when it comes to my favorite hobbies.

Is your Ravelry being used to it's fullest? How do you keep it organized?


  1. Mmm I really wish that I'd 'tagged' patterns as I favourited them from the start as I now have hundreds of favourites but no way of searching through them! I'd love to be able to search my favourites for 'frog patterns' for example! Oh well! Laura x

    1. I didn't do it initially but if you go into your favorites, you can click the 'untagged' and dedicate yourself to perhaps 'a page a day' routine and you'll be done in no time.. then you could frog searching!


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