16 June 2012

The written word

Most of the time, I love the written word.  It is beautiful, articulate and creative. It expresses with such detail and precision that it can't be ignored. Yes, the written word, by itself, is a fabulous and amazing tool. The reader, on the hand, is where the epic breakdown occurs.

Personal filters, experience and imposed inflection can really muck up a rather simple sentence. Instead of actually reading the words for face value, things get pressed upon these innocent creatures that were never meant to be there. Twisting tones and intent to the point of it being unrecognizable to the author and the reader getting their proverbial nose out of joint due to self-inflicted insult. Reading nastiness or hearing ugliness where there was none - seeing what they want to see instead of what was is truly there... 30 words strung together to convey a simple thought.

Perhaps it isn't my love of the written word that has faltered, but the personal filter of others that has to take ownership this time around. Instead of "reading things into it", try just reading it - a simple act that can make a world of difference.

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