01 October 2012

And so it begins

May 2011 - the last time they were together
Tournament 6 started today and everyone is all a flutter with ideas and preparations for their projects.  It is also the start of the November round over in HPKCHC so there is double the amount of excitement for some of us.  Larger projects are being proposed and others have been given the green light to begin.

To add to my excitement of today, I'm surprising Hobbit after school.  My folks came in town yesterday but she doesn't know.  The last thing she heard was that Nana and Pop would be here on Wednesday - but my daddy was able to get a few extra days off so they left early.  Today, when Hobbit gets off the bus, she will have the most wonderful surprise of seeing my folks there with me.  I'm going to take my camera, in hopes of capturing the sheer joy on her face when she sees them.

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as seeing a loved one will turn the day magical.

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