28 October 2012

Sunday Snaps

I'm thinking I'll keep adding rounds to this one...

I signed up to win a family preview of this - fingers crossed we win...

Hopefully, this was the final chapter and that book of stupidity is closed.
Not a lot of pictures were taken this week.  I've got a truck load of things to do today which might result in photographs, if I remember to actually take them and not just think about taking them which has been my current ailment. 

We had a grand Family Fun Day at Walt Disney World and being passholders, naturally I signed us up to win a preview of the new area, a cast member perk that I greatly miss.  Fingers crossed, I'll have a sneak peek to share in November.

We also had our 'fence' put up by our property management group.  The configuration is very odd but we've got a plan in place so we're good.  Morning glories will soon be crawling across that trellis stuff in the front and the section of 6' fence is just... well... there.  Maybe we'll plant a garden in that area now, who knows.

Overall, a quiet week around here.  Here's hoping for more of the same!

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