10 October 2012

Blessings returned

Remember that awesome swap package I received early last week?  Mine has finally arrived at the recipient's house so I can share with y'all what I sent.  I admit, I was floundering on this one since there wasn't any theme.  I had no direction and felt lost... until I sat down and realized that was my problem and just gave myself a theme.  I went with Autumn and here is what I sent to my swap partner...

My swap buddy is a baker so I thought she could use some pretty new oven mitts...

and kitchen towels because I know mine are always missing!

We had to have a local item so I did the best I could with what I could find that wasn't too kitschy.

Autumn smells like apple cinnamon to me, what about you?

Everyone loves a jar full of candy corn... don't they?

She has two little people so I added these cuties for them.

She also loves to cross-stitch and I thought this little message was wonderful and always so true.

4 Ring Pops... 4 people in her family... score!

Fun bedtime story to read to her babies during the cooler months.

I made her this cute hat.  It reminds me of a baker's hat a little bit but way classier.

and I made a matching ornament for her Christmas tree... being a baker, a cupcake works.

I wrote her a little note too - just to say how fabulous she is...

Complete with some official Walt Disney World pixie dust from my personal stash.
There you have it - my swap box.  She says she loved it all - and that makes me very tickled indeed.

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