30 October 2012

It's all good

Yep, I made Flimzie a neck kerchief and now, he's a rock star!
I wasn't feeling very motivated yesterday and so instead of forcing a post for "Motivational Monday", I just let it go.  That's a new thing for me - not writing - but it turned out alright. I actually missed writing this morning so sometimes, taking a day for yourself is exactly what is needed in order to get things flowing again. 

We also got Hobbit's first report card of the year and it required a bit of celebrating.  She received the elementary school equivalent of honor roll!  A long standing tradition in this house is for us to have a celebratory meal, chosen by the one being celebrated, so in this case it meant we all had to go Steak n' Shake.  Not a bad thing but still a rather tightly timed excursion on a school night.

Once supper was done we had to pop across the street to the mall and return a pair of jeans that I had picked up for her.  As she told the clerk, they looked painted on and that just won't do.  After we found the exchanged size and a pack of undershirts for the cooler weather, we headed to another store in the mall to put our family Christmas present on layaway!  We decided that with as many TV shows and movies that this family watches, we should finally upgrade.  Sears was having a fabulous sale on their electronics so we put a new 32" Samsung flat screen LCD TV and a new wifi capable Blue Ray machine up for Christmas.  We are all very excited and can't wait - me especially... the remote has an actual "Netflix" button on it!  Yes, I'm in heaven now, or at least I will be come Christmas.

Currently, I've got some yarn in the crock pot and I'm going to over-dye it because I need it for some trim on another project but I have always hated the original color.  It's just a bit leftover from some that I won.  If the photograph had shown the true colors, I don't think I would have entered for it but free yarn is always good and now that I know how to dye, free yarn over-dyed is even better.  I'll show you the before and afters when I'm done.  It's going on a test knit hat that I'm working on.

I've also got a few other things in the planning stages that I'll share once all the details are ironed out.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and that it's all good in your neighborhood too.

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