25 October 2012

That's all it takes

I have made progress... I mean major progress.  This fact has me tickled.  You see, I opted to make this one particular granny square blanket and I loved the color combination too... but for some reason, I was just hating the blanket.  It wasn't working for me and I kept putting it up.  Considering that I am using this blanket as my BROOM and my Dissertation, I needed to get a fire under my tail and get to work.  So I sat down and really examined my squares and it hit me - it's too freaking busy!

I know that sounds crazy but there is something about my earthy color palette that makes my blanket feel very spastic and disorganized and that in turn made me feel uneasy.  Not as in "oh I'm not sure" but as in a full blown physical unrest when it came to this project.  It needed to be grounded in some way and I figured it out.

I'm going to anchor it with cream squares at the intersections and solid squares down the middle.  That lowers the chaos factor by a million and I've fallen in love with my blanket again.  So much so that I'm getting off of here right now to go and work on it some more!

I'll update my Ravelry project page tonight so you can see how well this anchoring works!
Sometimes, a little reimagineering is all it takes to make it work.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes with the earthy colours is better to let the chaos reign. I remember trying to lay out my coat in an ordered fashion and it just was not working for me. My two year old niece then came and "fixed" it for me. She threw them all about and the finished result looked perfect.


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