04 October 2012

Hobbit and Hufflepuffs

Hobbit is seeing the full circle.
I have been telling Hobbit for years that when she has outgrown something and we donate it, that it gets loved by another child for years to come.  She didn't quite get it until yesterday.

I have always loved my Hufflepuff family - they are the sweetest group of crafters that I have the honor of knowing - but this week, they're blowing me away.  We're doing a postcard/note swap this month.  Yes, I know I'm spending the term abroad in Slytherin but that doesn't mean that I am not a Hufflepuff so they think of me and include me because they are that awesome.  Well, I asked if instead of having the notes sent to me if they could send them to Hobbit because she loves to get things in the post.  I remember getting excited when I was her age because my birthday or a holiday was coming up and I would get a card from my aunt or grandparents.  Nothing better in the world than being important enough to have a letter sent to you when you're that age.

Our contribution to the Hufflepost Swap
So far she as gotten a beautiful postcard from Arizona from the sweetest of souls who is now her pen pal - an idea that has Hobbit giggling even this morning.  Then yesterday, she got a parcel in the post and inside, from yet another amazing Hufflepuff and her children, were some American Girl paper doll sets and a small American Girl doll named Julie, complete with a tiny book that Hobbit has already read twice!  When she read the attached note about how her daughters had outgrown these things but wanted them to have many more years of love with her, she finally understood what I've been telling her for years.  After she dried her tears of joy and inspected all of her new treasures, she sat and pondered it all.  It was wonderful to watch her process what she's been taught along with what just transpired and come to her own conclusion, which she simply put as ~

Giving is the greatest gift of all.

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