22 October 2012

Motivational Monday

I know I'm a bit late tonight but I'll be honest with you, I wasn't motivated to write today.  Nothing has inspired me today to make this week positive and fabulous.  I am not even enjoying either of the blankets that I'm working on... so that requires some serious inspirational bootie kicking... and this is all I've come up with -

© Olivia Rainsford- I won this pattern last week from Slytherin Scheming Squad!
© TheHatandI - I want to make this for Peanut before she leaves the great white north.
© Amy Singer - I have to make this for Hobbit's birthday.
by elwen - I know of a sweet girl who would love this particular capelet too.
So that is what I have done - gone through my Ravelry library and searched for inspiration... if nothing more, I can simply bribe myself with a new project once I finish one of these two.  Some days, that's motivation enough.

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