20 June 2011

G is for...

A Good Yarn!

Yep, that's right - A Good Yarn, located in Sarasota, is definitely the best definition for the letter "G" that I can think of on any given day... and today, I went for a visit.  Sure, it's was a two hour drive but what is two hours when you can be, well, at A Good Yarn?  I'll let the photos do the talking - because this was a dream come true for me.  The girls in the shop were wonderful, helpful and the sweetest people known to man.  The yarn on the walls was completely scrumptious.  The group of women gathered around the table that morning were a hoot and if I lived closer, I'd be a regular there as well.

If you are ever in the Sarasota area, be sure to stop and see them.  You will never regret it - even Pokey had fun running around in circles with me, touching all the yarnie yummy goodness!  He even impressed the ladies with his use of knitting lingo - like "colorway" and "sock form".  Got to love a man who will spend his wedding anniversary going to a yarn shop simply because his wife made a comment that "one day" she would like to go and see it in person.  Just another blessing for me to count.

Three Irish Girls - exclusive colorways for the store

A snuggly oasis in the front of the store

Yummy yarnie goodness was as far as the eye could see

Every section had items worked up so you could see and touch it.

A Good Yarn in Sarasota is definitely a bit of a knitters heaven on Earth


  1. Thank you Amy, sorry I missed you today. Glad to hear you had a great experience. Come see us again!
    Susan Post
    A Good Yarn

  2. What a great store! That wall of yarn picture is making me drool...especially the blue on the top.

  3. I'm jealous - that looks like an amazing store!

  4. Up until a year ago, my son lived in Sarasota. Wish I had known about A Good Yarn. It looks like a store I could have spent many hours in.

    But I did discover another very cute little shop, also in Sarasota that you might want to check out. It's called Picasso's Moon Yarn Shop.
    url is http://www.picassosmoonyarn.com
    The address is 1524 Fruitville Road, Sarasota

    It made such an impression on me that I blogged about it on B day.

  5. Love that your hubby went with you. My hubby has let me "take" him to shops the past two trips to the Seattle/Tacoma area. It's always done with the promise of a "free lunch" and he is a good sport. The furthest we've driven for a shop was about 2 1/2 hours each way.
    I blogged about the shops this year in March.

  6. Wow, that store looks amazing, I wish I could go. I'd probably be in knitting heaven.


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