02 July 2013

In roughly 1,825 days...

I've been seeing a little banner about my blogisphere and I thought I would take a gander at what it was all about. I really liked what I found. A group of fellow writers setting to 'paper' what their five year goals were and I can totally get behind that. It encompasses my two favorite things - list making and planning for the future.   Let's just dive in, shall we?

In five years time I hope to be more financially stable.  I would love to have three months worth of bills set up in a savings account, along with some extra going for something special... not sure what yet but definitely special.

I hope that my husband and kids are all healthy, happy and they know I love them more than life itself.  This goes for my parents as well because without any of them, I am pretty much nothing.

Five years from now, I hope to have expanded my creative knowledge base - either with professional classes or self-guided study.  I would love to take a "real" photography course or graphic design class.  Who knows, I might just get another degree in the arts.

I don't know if I want to own a house but I would love to be in a different area five years forward - one with more open spaces, a pool and a great yard.  A place where it doesn't feel like you are living elbow to elbow with your neighbors and privacy is a truism instead of a question.

We might be down to one critter in five years, or coming close to it.  Buddy will be almost 11 years old and Tinkerbell will be 6.  I've already broken it to both Pokey and Hobbit that when these two walk the rainbow bridge, I don't want any more.  Yes, I love the ones I have but I know that I honestly won't find another two who are as perfect so I don't want to even try once they are gone.

In five years time, Hobbit will be 13 and heading into 8th grade.  Wow.  I'll go you one better - Peanut will be 25 and hopefully living a beautiful, fulfilling and successful adult life... and she'll remember to call home every now and again.

I'm sure when 2018 rolls around and I look back at this, many will be the same because there are things I just stink at - finances being one of them - but hopefully I can nod and smile at the others because they have come to pass.  Who knows... the only thing I can be certain of is that in five years time, I will continue to be blessed with a loving and beautiful family who are the center of my world and I am so very proud to claim as my own.

That is something that I know will stand the test of time.

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