19 July 2013

Weekend Wonderment

Three skeins of yarn down, at least one more to go.
I started out with five skeins of this cute baby yarn and now I'm down to two left in my basket.  This shawl is for me to wear while I'm at work because I get cold in the later hours of the evening.  It's soft and the colors are just so happy.  I needed Hobbit to model it for me so I can point out that I want it to hit me right where it is resting on her.  It currently sits right where the banding is for the section separation... about short sleeve length.  I think one more skein ought to do it but just in case, I do have an extra to get the job done.

So that's my plan this weekend - finish this up.  I was saving the hat I was working on and a bunting idea for later in the weekend but something happened on Thursday that I couldn't control...

I finished the hat and I made the bunting from start to finish as well... oh well, Hobbit's happy!
Now if I can just get this shawl finished, I can figure out my next project!  Any suggestions or ideas?

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