10 July 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I only need to assemble it all and make a tree... I think... we'll see once I get started what happens.
I am grounded.  I'm not allowed to start another project until I finish this one.  This one is worth 150 points if I get it done.. no... when I get it done.  I will finish it by Saturday because that is the deadline I gave myself simply because I'm grounded.  I want to work on something else but I know me and if I get started on that something else, I'll not finish and I'm too close to being done to not finish.

I'm going to make something big when I'm done too - something non-fiddly... mark my words!  Oh yeah, and finish that hat I've been making because it's needed for Detention - the last component of my Order of the Serpent, First Class.

Wish me luck... I think I'm going to need it.

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