13 July 2013

Weekend Wonderment

I needed a bit of sunshiney bright colors to work with after all the dark colors the past few projects.
I'm making myself a shawl.  That's my reward project for finishing that gingerbread house and tree for my mama.  I hope to have it done this weekend but I already had to frog back three rows from last night that I did wrong.  I'm about back to where I was prior so that's good.

With all the rain we've been having, we had a small plumbing emergency here today - none of the potties would flush and water was backing up from the drain in our shower... grey icky water!  So I called the realty group and they had a plumber out and the situation was fixed all in a matter of three hours.  Yes, see - this is why I don't want to own a home.  I won't have anyone to call when stuff like that happens... it would be all me and my pocketbook can't afford it.

So this is my last weekend off before my regular schedule starts.  I can't wait either.  I'm ready to just figure out my routine and get things rolling... speaking of which, I should get supper started since Pokey won't be rolling in until after 8 p.m.  Man, if any of y'all are the type to believe in a higher power, please send up a good thought or prayer for him to get this front counter position he interviewed for this past Monday.  It would put him 5 minutes up the road instead of 2 hours and it would be a true lifesaver!!

Okay, back to the shawl... I think I'll turn it in for DADA... or even Charms.  I'll have to think about it a bit more.  Man, I do love my HPKCHC for pushing my creative buttons.


  1. I'll be praying for Pokey to get the job!

    1. Thank you - that means the world to us!


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