26 July 2013

Weekend Wonderment

I've got my bag with a new project just waiting to be started and my office, the same place I've been all week.
I know, I know - I somehow lost an entire week and didn't say a word.  I'm sorry.  It's been a heck of a week too.  It appears as though my office chair decided to not stay at the appropriate height last week so I pulled up the old dining room chair that I use for sewing but let me tell you, that chair was not made for 8 hours of continuous use.  It has caused a severe issue with my neck and shoulders, to the point that I have been in pain for days.  Hopefully I will either get a new office chair or a new desk, whichever is the least expensive.  I am rooting for the new desk so that I can sit in my lazy boy in the office.  My phone can sit on a side table and all I need is my laptop on the desk part big enough for it, a mouse pad and a bit of writing space.  That way, I can be completely comfortable between calls.

Pokey has been having a great first week at his new position.  It's wonderful to have him home sooner and off on the weekends.  My schedule for August is not what I had hoped for but there is always September.  I refuse to spend my days wishing them away or being put out by not having what I requested so I'll just move on with life and hope for the best next month - though next month, the only thing I'm hoping for is Saturdays off... the other days don't much matter any more.

I did manage to get a few things finished this past week so I'll share them on Sunday.  I can't even remember if they're new but I will share anyway.  Here's to a better week that is more organized than this past one!!

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