08 January 2014

A bit of crochet and a bit of cream

I finished my super huge Herbology homework assignment and it's so stinking snuggly!
 I finished that poncho I was working on with all the yarn my eldest daughter gifted me for Christmas.  I love it.  It is so soft and snuggly - it's perfect for the office.

I also wrote a note to Coffee Mate because I haven't had a good cup of coffee in over a week!  I don't know if they'll answer but I had to try because my daddy always says "You don't know if you don't ask... worst they can say is no".  Granted, the final message had to be shorted to 500 characters but this was the original elegant plea for my creamer - the final version, not so elegant...

I have been enjoying your Peppermint Mocha creamer faithfully for years and last year, I was delighted to be able to purchase it all year long.  This is my absolute favorite creamer.  I honestly don't like anything else in my coffee.

You can image my heartbreak when I learned that the grocery stores in the area are claiming there is an issue with their supplier - that possibly they won't be able to stock it.  I was calling to put in a standing order for a case of creamer every two weeks and now, it is looking like I won't be able to complete my request.

Please, I must have this delicious creamer for my coffee.  It's been well over a week since I've had a good cup of coffee - and I drink a pot in the morning and a pot at night... that's a lot of yucky coffee!  Is there any way that you will be able to bring the sunshine back into my life by allowing me to purchase my creamer?

One case.  Every other week... if it helps, I'll up my coffee intake and order a case a week.  Whatever it takes - I miss my Peppermint Mocha.  Please, please, please... don't make me suffer any longer.


Amy ********
aka - Peppermint Mocha Mama (seriously, that's my blog - I love it that much!

Hopefully they will answer my plea and I will be drinking delicious peppermint mocha coffee soon.  Fingers crossed and all the positive coffee energy in the world is directed towards this goal!

Yeah, I honestly do love this stuff that much.

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