07 January 2014

Back on schedule!

Oh goodness, it was absolutely lovely having the bus stop at our driveway for pick up this morning.  We waited on our front porch, I had coffee and actually got to chat with the other mother on the street.  She seemed very nice.  It is going to be even better this afternoon, while I'm at work in the office, to see her get off the bus and come directly in.

Speaking of waiting outside - oh my bob, it's chilly out!  My poor nose is still thawing, it's that cold.  We have a wind chill advisory until 11 am because it is feeling like the teens to twenties outside right now.  The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day - just a very blustery and bitterly cold one.

I'm going to enjoy the quiet I have - which I admittedly missed during the holiday break - and I'm going crochet on my poncho to get it done for today.  I might even take off my favorite cast member sweatshirt and put it on instead... who knows.  Coffee, crafting and cheesy chick flicks - that's going to be my day before I head off to work.  I was already a good girl and the dishes are running as is the washer and dryer.

Hope y'all have a fabulous Tuesday!!

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