06 January 2014

Just a bit random

It's coming out rather lovely for no pattern or plan.. on the 3rd skein already.
1. I seem to be having a challenge focusing today.  Not sure why but it's best to just go with the shiny things of the moment then get flustered by the lack of concentration.
2. Last day of Christmas break and I've got Hobbit catching up on all the things she would do "tomorrow, promise!"  Tomorrow has come and the list, she is long.
3. Might surprise her with Peanut Butter Chocolate chip cookies if she gets it done... or at least half done.
4. I really must get in the shower and then start the laundry... oh, and change the cat box!
5. I can't believe I let her give me the face that resulted in an actual purchased box of "Hamburger Helper".  We're having it tonight since it's her last day of break.
6. The bus stop tomorrow is officially at our driveway - so very excited for this bit of life to occur.  Makes the end of the day stress free for me since I have to work.  Nothing beats getting dropped off at your own driveway.
7. I am out of creamer and it appears as though I won't be able to get my Peppermint Mocha year round any longer.  This is a million times worse than when I quit smoking... I love my creamer!!
8. Must remind Pokey to pick me some type of creamer up from the store... maybe Tuscan sweet cream or the York peppermint patty one... something!
9. Hobbit is going to spend the next long weekend (weekend after next) with my folks and Pokey is taking me on a date day that Sunday!!
10. I have a list of things to do... must get cracking.  Having a bit of a random day and just deciding to go with it.  It's all for the best that way.  Once I'm done, I'm going to work on one of my latest crochet projects.  It's a pull over shrug since I get chilly at night - and it's freaking cold here at the moment.  Should be done tonight, then I can finish up the last present for the box that needs to go out later in the week.
11. I think I've figured out how to pay off my computer this week - and get a savings plan started for vacation weeks this year.  Should be interesting if I can make it stick... and I think I can because I warned Pokey I was doing it.  We're in the black as of late November and I want to keep us that way - haven't been in the black for almost two years!!
12. I really must get going - I have a list of things to do.  Might put the kettle on.  The day calls for a good cuppa or two.  First though, shower and cat box...

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