13 January 2014

Just keep stitching

I finished my projects.  I'll share when they reach their new home.
This past week, I've not felt very well.  Y'all kinda knew that already but the thing that kept me sane with all the hurry up and waiting was my crafting.  Other people are sitting around me wreaking of cigarette smoke and fuming over the minutes that pass.  I simply make another stitch.

Fussing won't make time pass any faster.  Running in and out of the doctor's waiting room to go smoke won't shorten anything but their lives.  Glaring at the medical staff doesn't make them want to hurry along to help you.  Making snarky comments won't get you on with your day any faster... so why do they do it?  All the above does is put a person in a worse mood.

None of us like to be kept waiting but sometimes, it happens.  If I'm kept waiting because the doctor is spending unhurried quality time with a patient who needs him, I'm okay with that because it means when it's my time to be back there and I'm his main focus for the moment, I get the same unhurried quality of time as well.

I've got my projects so you, dear medical team who has been looking out for me, please take all the time that the patient before me needs because I know when it's my turn, it will be returned in kind.

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