29 January 2014

Little happy moments

Last night, while I was working one of the most horrible shifts I've had to date, Pokey brought in a package for me.  I didn't recognize the handwriting and it was posted all the way from the U.K.  I was immediately tickled because who doesn't love surprise post?  Once I got it opened and read the sweet card, I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of it all.  Here, this is what all I received...

All of this loveliness came for me from a very sweet reader named Laura - and I adore all of it!

My owl, tag, and magnet are on my desk lamp so I can see them all the time.

My awesome Union Jack inspired square is on my desk, waiting for my next cuppa to get me through the night.

All of my stitch markers used to be in this pathetic little case that I have had for almost 20 years...

Now they are kept in fabulous style!  I know the stamp one should hang off a phone or zipper but I don't have one.

How awesome is this little purse?  I love the pattern and it just makes me so very happy to look at it.
Thank you very much, Laura.  I absolutely love every single bit of it and you have cheered my heart right up with your random act of kindness.  Every time I glance over at my little owl or place my mug on my square, I smile and think of a super kind and generous soul so many miles away.  I honestly do love every bit of it.

This morning, the happy moments continued, as I went to my doctor's office because the PA wanted me to tell about the situation that happened with the other PA to the Medical Director... who turns out to be my doctor!  I was floored - and so was she when she heard about it.  We talked about what our game plan is to figure all this out and she was her usual awesome self.  She even hugged me and said how sorry she was, even apologizing to Pokey.  I love her.

While we were there, the PA asked if I wanted her to draw my blood.  We told her about how I have deep veins and they don't always cooperate but she was determined to try so I said why not.  Worst case scenario is that she can't and we go on about with our original plan.  Let me just say, she was awesome!  She got it in, got all the vials filled that she needed and was out - no pain or nothing.  Normally it takes forever and the only horrible bruise I have now is due to ripping off the tape (it's all purple like a blood blister).

I got my appointment set up for next Wednesday with my doctor to go over it all and I'm feeling a bit of relief and even a bit of hope that we're going to make some progress.  She even agreed that there was no medical need for the tests that I cancelled - why poke it if it's not presenting itself as needing to be poked was what she said... man, I swear I have the greatest doctor ever.  Funny thing is, I didn't want to go to her to begin with simply because she was a woman and I had never had a good experience with a female doctor... until now.

After we were done, Pokey and I had an amazing dinner at Panera Bread (broccoli cheese soup and half of a smoked turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato) and then we ran a few errands.  He even bought me some Starbucks (decaf only now) which made the morning most wonderful.

So that's been my day.  I'm going to go work on my neon poncho/cape/chilldefyingthingiemagigie that I started last night.  I'll share once I decided if I need to tweak it or not... still pondering.  I hope y'all are finding a ton of happy little moments in your day today too!


  1. Awww...what a sweet gift!!!!! God's timing is perfect, is it not?


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