21 January 2014

Strength through music

I've been asked why I take a day to do a music post instead of just sticking to crafting or family stuff.  The reason is simple - music gives me strength.  It lifts me up and heals me, though I am sure that last bit is confusing for some.  The easiest way to explain it is like this - you know how you can get lost or swept away in a good book or movie or the rhythm of your crafting?  I get the same effect through music too.  Songs can capture a moment and let you keep it with you just like a photograph or favorite smell.  Melodies can lift your spirits or break you down to tears.

I have loved music for years - my entire school career found me in choir and even now, I don't go a single day without singing or humming something at some point.  So for as long as I am blessed to be on this Earth, I will have music in my life and I love to share my music with everyone... and with that - here is a fabulous song that captures these past few days for me.  Enjoy.

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