17 January 2014

These presents made it out

I've been crafting for little people around here and I must say, I love it.  Nothing is more fun that making something tiny for someone tiny.  Who knows, that little thing just might be the item they hang on to forever.  So when two of my dear friends that I have known for the past 27 years welcomed precious little girls into the world, I had to get crafting.

Sweet little Abigail was originally getting a very large blanket but an unfortunate tea accident caused a change in plans.  Instead, I made her this little shawl and...
This little blanket buddy - all in the yarn that didn't end up a sweet, sticky mess.  Even though it wasn't what I originally planned for her, I do like how it all came out.
This was my latest endeavor and it went to sweet little Miss Rebecca who was a surprise answer to many prayers.  She has the most beautiful raven hair and all I could think about was how pretty she would look in these jewel tones.  I hope she loves them.
So see, I have been busy - made that pinafore during a day full of testing and waiting.  Great use of time and instead of focusing on the scary unknown, I focused on the sweet babies my friends have been blessed with - so thank you Miss Abigail and Miss Rebecca for bring a bit of peace to me. 

I may not have had the honor of meeting y'all yet but I love you both very much.

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