27 January 2014

Change of scenery

You know what the downfall to working from home is... you grow tired of being at the computer in your office.  What once was a haven for fun and goofing off has now become a place where you must focus and work diligently.  This ultimately has your brain screaming for a change of scenery on your time off when you really would like to fiddle around on the computer but you really don't want to be in your office.  It's a true conundrum considering that I am now on a desktop and not a laptop.

Before when I felt this way, I would simply unplug my laptop and go to the living room or front porch to write but now, I can't do that.  I will figure out a system - it's what I do - but today is just one of those days where I don't want to be in my office, especially since I have to work tonight.

Oh well, such is life, right.  Anywho, I spent the weekend with the family because it was my last full weekend for at least a month.  My February schedule has me working Saturdays but the trade off is that I'm off on Sundays, Wednesday and Thursdays.  As long as I have a 2/2/2/1 kind of schedule, I'm good.  It's when I get the split 4/3 that I grow weary.

I don't think I had much to share for the week anyway.  Let's take a gander for the sake of argument...

I made another owl - this one has attitude and sits on my desk. Her name is Owlriley.

I got hacked off at the medical world, took control of my testing and treatments, and started some socks for Pokey.

I started, and have some more progress on, a chicken purse.  Yes, I did say a chicken purse.  It will be epic.

I ate cookies... because when the world seems topsy turvey, nothing sets it straight faster than a cookie.

I made some serious progress on my bear that I'm making for my OWL.  I may still be behind but not as far now.
Yep, just as I thought.  I didn't do anything that y'all weren't already totally aware of anyway.  I also frogged a few projects yesterday.  I love frogging stuff.  It honestly makes me happy to reclaim the yarn for something that I just may like better because obviously I'm not liking it now or else I would be finished.  I give my projects a four month rest period and revisit.  If I've not had the fire rekindled to start up again, I frog it.  You should try it, it's very freeing.

Also known as "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming", thanks Dory!
Off to either play a bit of Lord of the Rings Online or watch some "Almost Human" that I have recorded.  Not sure which - depends if I've shaken the "Office Aversion" for the day.

I hope you have a beautiful day.  Here's the quote that I've been thinking of lately and just wanted to share.  You never know, it just might motivate you to keep going too.

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