20 January 2014

Hey you

How have you been?  Me?  Not too shabby, all things considered.  I took a little time because I had a little scare but now that I've got my bearings, I'm getting better by the minute.

I thought I would have a ton of answers today and everything would be set right but the only answer I have is that a lot of the heart is missing from the heath care field.  I have never felt more like a bit of cattle than I have in the past few days.  A faceless chart number just passing through for stamping, tagging, and being talked about or around instead of directly to - and it was awful.

The end result, regardless of my patience at being kept waiting for hours on end, was nothing.  I have no new information but just today alone I lost three hours of my life that I won't get back.  I haven't lost faith in health care professionals as a whole, just those few that I have had the 'pleasure' of dealing with these past few days.

No answers.  Vague replies.  Annoyed glares at being asked a question and then being asked again but for the answer to not be in medical terms but instead to use words that make more sense to me because I have a BS in Business Administration, not an PhD in any medical field.  My favorite to date has been being told that everything is structurally sound - it looks goods, it reads good, it sounds good - so let's poke it until we find something wrong.  No thank you!

I am not an experiment, a number, a faceless chart in an endless day.  I am a patient who is scared, worried, confused and looking for you to be my steadying anchor of information to make it less scary and confusing which will make me worry less.  Smile at me.  Acknowledge me.  Talk to me.  Take a moment to honestly inquire about me.  Look at me.  Don't rush me.

So in the past week, the things that I have learned are these -
  1. Not all tests are medically necessary and I have the right to say no.
  2. Not all medicine is necessary and I have the right to not take it.
  3. Knowledge is power and power is needed to take control of treatments.
  4. My time is just as important as their time and deserves the same respect.
  5. I can do something as amazing as this -
Yep, that's a sock on a super cute and super tiny 2.75mm circular needle with a 9" cord!

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