29 April 2014

It's your choice

Your mood, it's totally something you choose. I choose to be happy, and some days it's not an easy choice, especially when others are attempting to do everything in their power to make chaos in your world... but I simply smile to myself and choose to be happy.

You see, there is an unsavory element that moved onto our street.  Loud, brash, passive aggressive, and truly obnoxious.  She's also physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive towards her children which has apparently been reported and followed up on.  I know this because the unsavory soul spent the better part of this morning threatening her kids with passive aggressive insults hurled towards me... and I know it's me because I was the only lady to be referenced at the bus stop.

I will never understand the mentality of those who act like that.  Do they think it makes them look tough?  Cool?  Intimidating?  In all honesty, it just makes them look small, sad, and rather pathetic.  Creating chaos where there is none is a sign of someone who has been abused because they can't function without chaos so they create it to feel empowered and in control... and those who have been or are abused tend to do the same to others, which is a sad cycle.

I'm not angered by this woman, I'm saddened by her.  I hope she gets help and her children are safe.  I won't allow her to steal my happiness because I choose to not react to her goading, which simple fuels her anger and rage more but there is nothing I can do about someone who thrives on negativity.  I will simply continue to say a prayer for her that she gets the help she so obviously needs.

Everything in life comes down to a series of choices.  Here's to always choosing happiness and light... no matter how hard it may be some times.

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