09 August 2014

A delicious tale of heartbreak

Get it.  Read it.  Trust me!
I promised you a tale about the book I just finished, didn't I?  My stars, I swear some days just vanish with a blink.  So the book, yes - it was fabulous!

Hobbit has been wanting to read The Fault in Our Stars for a while now but I was afraid that it was a bit too worldly for her so I was going to read it first, just to make sure.  It's what you have to do when your 9-year-old reads on a high school level.  Just because she can read it and understand it, doesn't mean she should be reading it... you know?

We went to the bookstore last Saturday after I got off work and we ate supper.  When we got there, I gave everyone a $20 limit and we wandered around together, finding each other books. Pokey loves his Nook so he spent his $20 on Starbucks for us all. Hobbit picked up two stories - The School for Good and Evil and Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin - and I picked up two stories - The Jane Austin Marriage Manual and The Fault In Our Stars - though I was sneaky about it because she didn't see me pick it up when we were there!

It took me two days to read the book - I'm sure I could have gotten it done in one but life required my attention, forcing me to place a bookmark in the pages for several hours.  I don't know how to summarize my feelings on this book...  I’m still recovering!! Oh my goodness, what a deliciously optimistic and mournful tale. I have not encountered such well crafted characters in very a long time. Their banter was beautiful, relatable, and real. I only stumbled on it because of Hobbit and all I can say is wow… my heart was broken by it. Truly a wonderful tale.

My sweet girl is currently on the floor with her nose buried between the pages.  I'm sure she will be in tears before the weekend is up but it really was a wonderful story and I hope it touches her, the way all magnificent tales should touch a soul.

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