11 August 2014

Funny what motivates

The last time we had a "super moon" was back on 19 March 2011.  I had gotten my current camera for my birthday, not three months prior.  I had very gleefully taken my camera out on the back stoop and tried to shoot the moon.  I was so proud of my photograph that I shared it with a photography group I was a part of on a mommy forum.  That's when I was insulted.

Ever since that day, I've taken those words from that angry soul and used them to fuel my passion.  Not in a bad or malicious way, but in more of a productive fashion.  I have a better understanding of how my camera works, what setting work best for which type of moon, and how the position of the moon effects the final outcome in regards to color and clarity.

Last night, we had another "super moon" - the first one since that fateful night... and look at how far I've come!

I took this one around 9:30 pm, not long after the rains stopped.

This was taken just around midnight during a break in the cloud cover we had last night.

The change in color is due to cloud cover and filtering of the light being reflected from the surface.
When you are presented with something nasty, you have two choices... you can either get upset or you can simply get better.  I chose the latter.

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  1. These are absolutely amazing. Very well done!


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