18 August 2014

And so it begins

Oh my stars, it is so nice to finally not feel icky.  I had been fighting a horrible headache since Thursday - you know the kind that make your neck and shoulders hurt too.  Yeah, it was one of those.  It got the better of me over the weekend - complete with insomnia and tummy challenges.  Today is the first day where I feel like a human, though I have headache hangover but a good night of sleep should cure that.

It's good that today is the day I feel better because it's the first day of school around here.  I had to be ship shape to send her off, ready to face her new role in the Gifted program.  She left today as excited as I've ever seen her.  I can't wait to hear about her adventures.  I think she's probably having her lunch right about now, which means she found the surprise little card I put in there.  I wanted to tell her how sweet, kind, and fabulous I think she is but first day jitters can be deafening so while I did tell her, I wrote her too - just to be sure she knows how wonderful she is and how proud of her we are.

I hope her first day went well - if her mood is any indication, it should be perfect.

My precious little baby on her first day of 4th grade.  So grown up for being just 9-years-old... my little genius.

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