20 August 2014

Ham, Cheese, and Hexagons

Not bad for a first go on a developing pattern.
I'm going to spend the day watching Elvis movies and making hexagons for a test crochet that I'm signed up for to help a friend.  We've already made a few design improvements to the pattern so it's been productive.  This hexagon was the first one - before the modifications were suggested that brought it to be in more of a straight line for seaming instead of the pretty swooping effect which would pucker.

I've let it sit by the wayside for a few days and now I'm going to spend the morning making these little suckers while I watch several of my favorite cheesy movies - all Elvis musicals.  Did you know that one time, there was a ham sent to him as a joke on the set of one of his musicals because he "hammed it up" on camera.  Seriously, it's true.  Funny thing was, he loved ham so he would cook it up and have a great meal.  He knew his films weren't much more than fluff but they made people, like me, very happy so he was alright with that... for a while.  Granted, he passed when I was only 4 years old but my daddy was such a huge fan that he shared him - as well as John Wayne and many others - with me to make sure I had a well rounded music and film experience.

So today, I'm going to ham it up with The King and tonight, I'm making something he would have loved - BBQ'd Macaroni and Cheese.  I'll share the recipe tomorrow - you're gonna love it!  In the meantime, enjoy some "ham" on me...

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