26 August 2014

Enough already

po·lit·i·cal cor·rect·ness 
noun: the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

I swear, you can't do or say anything without someone getting their knickers in a twist because they are 'offended'.  Everyone is so hyper-sensitive and they feel that others should pet their delicate souls.  Since when has this become okay?  When did the world get to be so pathetic?

I find blonde jokes offensive.  I find fat jokes offensive.  I find Southern jokes offensive.  I don't like listening to others talk about things are against my core values and beliefs when it comes to drinking, drugs, and sexuality because I find it offensive.  I find it offensive to have to choose #1 for English in the phone tree.

Here's the deal though... I don't whine about it.  I simply remove myself from the situation or area and get on with life.  I don't push my positions or beliefs on others because I don't want anyone to do it to me.  I simply smile and go to another area where I am not subjected to it - even in jest.

There are people that I work with - both in my paid and volunteer positions - who I find completely offensive in their manner of speech, lifestyle choices, and demeanor.  Do I whine about it?  Nope.  I simply ignore them.  This whole garbage about it being a "global community" is just that, garbage.  We've always lived in a global community.  The difference is, people used to just suck it up and move on with life.  Now, instead of doing that, they whine about it... incessantly... oh how offended they are because you said something they don't like that doesn't even directly pertain to them.  To make it even better, instead of discussing it directly with you, they whine anonymously to anyone that they believe has 'power' because by golly, they've been wronged.

It's all just a load of junk.  I long for the days when people had thicker skin and weren't extremists.  Mr. Smith lived his life.  Mr. Jones lived his.  They didn't sit around finding reasons to be offended at one another.  They simply went about their days, ignoring those items in the world that they didn't care for and got on with the business of living.

So let's do each other a favor and just move on with life.  Don't sit around being pathetic because you don't like what someone said.  Ignore it.  Don't make others bend to your desires, remove yourself from the situation if you don't care for it.  Grow up.  Get over it.  Move on with life.

This is George Carlin. He said it like it was. This video will definitely offend those who are afflicted with political correctness - and I do apologize for the few bits of obscene language so please don't listen to this with children in the room or at work - but what he is saying, the message in the madness, is true.


  1. Replies
    1. I know you get it, Stacy... you sweet thing that you are.

  2. Hang in. I'd like to say it will get better, but I know better. All we can do is teach those we have in the next generations to be thicker skinned and not so easily offended.

    1. Amen to that, Melissa. I know I've raised my kids to ignore such things and simply move on. No good comes from fussing over stupid, trivial things. Political Correctness has just gotten way out of hand and completely overboard.

  3. "Political Correctness has just gotten way out of hand and completely overboard." - Oh my goodness, YES!
    I try to be nice to everyone, but some people just want to cause waves. (hugs)


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