05 August 2014

How have you been?

I know, I was gone for forty forevers - at least that is what it felt like for me - so I have to ask... how have you been?  Us?  Well, we've been busy that's for sure!

The bottom line is that we now have Hobbit all set (sans the school bus finalization) to attend a new elementary this coming school year.  This changes comes about because of her being accepted into the Gifted Program.  She was tested at the end of last year and her results were off the charts fabulous!  Hobbit was given the choice of having an aide come in and assist the teacher with special studies just for her or we could transfer to another school that has a dedicated Gifted Program classroom.  We left the decision (mostly) up to her since it would be she who would be dealing with it in the long run.  She opted for total immersion into the Gifted Program classroom.  Her logic and reasoning for it were sound so we went with her wishes - which thankfully matched our own, though we didn't share with her want we hoped for since we wanted her honest opinion on the decision.

After we made that decision, the mountain o' paperwork followed which was also followed by the bazillion organizational phone calls to get the ball rolling and things in place for the start of the school... which just so happens to be one day shy of a fortnight!!  We have completed it all - including meeting her teachers (whom we love!), writing her EP for the next two years, and doing our best to get the bus situation taken care of promptly (whom we have yet to hear from and it's killing me).  So long story short, Hobbit is super excited about the upcoming year and so are we... the ducks, they are in their rows!!

What does a stressed out, OCD, control freak, type-A person do when she has to wait on others in order to move forward?  She crafts!!  Here are a few of the items I had going to keep my hands busy...

This is actually going to Hobbit for Christmas - just need to line it.

This is going in the gift bucket - but I need to line it too.

I took that orange from the above bag and started on a baby outfit - broke out in horrible hives!

I'm debating if I like the pattern but I am trying to use my TIG Bellini again. I do like how it plays up.

My husband's 'lead' at work asked for a Captain American shield "doily" for her sofa.  She loved it.

I am attempting to knit again... painfully slow but better slow than not at all.
So that is what I have been doing lately.  I also just got back from the store yesterday with supplies to work on a Christmas cross-stitch collection.  Oh yeah, it's going to be awesome.  I'll share with you when I've had a chance to get it going - which more than likely won't be until after she goes back to school.  Right now, I'm off to spend some time with each of the projects I still have in progress.   How about some "mood music" to craft by...

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