06 August 2014

Wednesday Wound Up

I bet you thought I shared all of my projects with you yesterday when I was playing catch up... nope, I've been busy!

I added a few more rows to my knitting while I watched the CMA concert on television last night...

We rearranged Hobbit's room and hung a canopy that she loves...

and I got all my supplies together for making something spectacular - can you guess what it will be?
Plus, I finished a fabulous book that I'll tell you all about tomorrow.  It was a quick read - just two days - but it was time very well spent.  Hobbit was wanting to read it, which is the only reason I read it in the first place - to make sure it wasn't too worldly for her.  Oh my goodness, what a book!

So what things do you have going on - creative or otherwise?  I hope that whatever it might be, it brings you joy.

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