07 March 2013

Consider it a Twix

Everything is coming along nicely!
You know, two for the price of one kind of thing... a "Bogo", if you will.  Yes, I know I was quiet yesterday but we were at the pediatrician's office all morning... and today, we'll be at the allergist's all morning trying to figure out what is going on with Hobbit so that she can finally feel better.  She's been icky since January and since it keeps coming back after her prescriptions run out, her pediatrician has decided that a scratch test is what is needed because it no longer fits within the "sinus infection" area because it won't clear up.

All of that to simply say, I'm sorry I missed Wednesday Wound-Up... but I was able to work on two color segments during the wait and I'm sure I'll get the last one and a half while we wait today.  Once I do, I'll be ready for the yarn that is scheduled to arrive on Saturday!  I plug away on the afghan I'm working on while I wait for Hobbit in the school pick up queue or while watching television.  I've not got the pattern memorized so I'm not comfortable yet working on it in the waiting rooms but it's in my bag, just in case.

My book is in my bag too but I'll be honest, I've had too much fun with the scarf/shawl/wrap thingie to actually read it.  If I've had free time this week, it's been spent working up over 700 yards of yarn (and that's just the temperature thingie!) and I'm sure that is a forgivable 'offense'.  I will make time this coming week to read a bit more though because I do miss it.  I am also planning on making this breakfast cake so that Pokey can  have something to eat in the mornings.  It's better for him than eating eggs every morning and since he despises cereal, I thought this would be a nice alternative.  I'm going to make it lower in fat and cholesterol by using skim milk and such but it should taste wonderful.  I'll let you know since I'm going to make it after we get back from the allergist today.

Wish us luck!

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