05 March 2013


Bet you thought I made a mistake in the title of this post.  Nope, I didn't... I went old school.  That's a roman numeral.  It's representing this quasi historic post, my 1000th post.  Who would have thought that I had so much say as a funky little shutterbug, knitwit, blogging monster that requires coffee to function?  Certainly not me.

I figured that this little project would have lasted six months, maybe a year, before life just got in the way.  The weirder life got though, the more I wrote.  I never expect anyone to honestly read it.  Sure, in my head I'm my own little superstar but to have other people get a giggle out of my ramblings just amazes me.

I thank all of you who've pop over to join me for some coffee and crafting.  It's been a blast and here's to a thousand more moments of silliness that are my world.

1 comment:

  1. yay for 1000! Wishing you thousands and thousands more! Much love from all of us <3


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