21 March 2013

Wowzers, what a day!

I know I normally do "Nibbles and Narratives" today but I just have to tell you about yesterday... it was crazy!

We went to adopt a cat because I have done a ton of research about how to control my allergies so my love of cats can be a reality again instead of just cooing at photos or pressing my nose against the window like a kid at a Christmas display.  After several  visits to different locations, I found her.  They have her named as Sarah but when she comes home, she'll be Claudia Jean - C.J. for short.  She's beautiful and it was love at first sight.  Cuddles and kiss and mountains of purring later, I had filled out all the necessary paperwork but the adoption location didn't email me the contract, whatever that might be, and so I'm waiting to hear back this morning.  I don't understand why some of these places believe that they have the right to tell me what I can or can't to do with her after she is mine - not that I plan on doing anything cruel but you should read some of the stipulations they set out... but I digress.

So after coming home from the high that is finding my perfect feline friend, we get slapped in the face.  Oh yes, it was that harsh - someone stole my identity and debit card information then proceeded to purchase two identical laptops from Best Buy via their website.  I immediately contact my bank and have the card cancelled... they get me all set and promised to return the funds within 12 hours.  I was pleased with their efficiency... but I don't stop there.  I call Best Buy customer service center and explain the situation. 

At first, they wanted order numbers - which I obviously don't have - so when they stopped to actually listen to what I was saying, they were very helpful as well.  They looked the transaction up by my debit card number and found the orders, which totaled almost $1,000.  Then they contacted the store because the thief was going to pick them up.. in a local store!  The representative was able to cancel one but not the other, which is fine because doofus will attempt to retrieve his booty only be arrested.  That's right, arrested.

I contacted the police department who then worked diligently to set up with the store so that when this scumbag comes in, they stall him by writing down all his information from his driver's license while the police show up to take him down.  This isn't some petty theft either - it's a federal offense and he will be charged with something like 4 counts, 2 federal, for each laptop... so that's 8 counts total, including such things as fraud, identity theft, grand larceny... oh yeah, if I can't afford to get myself a new computer then this unintelligent rectal opening is not going to get one at my expense!!

So that's been my past 18 hours - hopefully tomorrow I will have some photos of C.J. to share with y'all because my weekend plans will be to hang out with her and watch a little West Wing.  Something a little less exciting is exactly what is in need right now.


  1. OH MY!! I had my identity stolen a couple weeks ago. They didn't make off with nearly as much as your perp did. Awesome that he will be caught and put away for that business! YAY YAY YAY for CJ the cat! I love kitties so of course I'm super pumped that you will now have your very own. Also - I literally LOL'd when I read "rectal opening" as a reference to the perp. I love you.

  2. Aboout a month ago hubby got a call from a CC company asking about recent purchases. They were quite put off when he wouldnt supply them with the info they wanted but once they resorted to a supervisor it all got straightened out. What they reported was an attempt to book airline tickets to the Phillipines - in the thousands of dollars.....but the theif first tested it by ordering some online items from Walmart.(Our CC company made it all good - canceled our card, reimbursed us for the items we did not buy etc) Turned out that the last purchase I had made with that card was online - so I contacted that company and told them what happened. They thanked me but said it could not have been at that end because nothing like that had ever occurred. The end of that week everyone who had ever made a purchase at that online company recieved an email that they had been hacked and this was happening to many people. I did write them back and told them I was glad they had paid such close attention to my email - never got a response from them for that email! All I would have like was -- oops, I guess we should have paid more attention to what you said - so sorry...but got nothing back. This is a company I have dealt with many times in the past without any issue so you would think in the interests of keeping a satisfied customer.....


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