20 March 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I have been waiting forever to share this project with y'all - but I didn't want to ruin Peanut's birthday surprise.
It's been done for a while but it had to make a 1,600 mile journey to it's intended recipient before I could share it with y'all.  It arrived safely yesterday and was donned to brave the -14*F walk to class... and apparently, it 'smells like Florida' which made it an added toasty warm bonus.

This is the Temperature Wrap that I made for Peanut's 20th birthday, which is on Sunday.  I had to mail it to her dorm up in South Dakota because we won't be able to see her this year - though I still uphold my tradition of calling her at the precise time she was born so I can be the first one to officially wish her a "Happy Birthday"... and in case you are curious, she was born at 4:45 a.m.  I have done it every year of her life - when she was still at home I would jump on her in her bed to wish happy birthday but now, I just call because she's too far to jump on.  Last year, neither one of us slept because it was her first birthday apart and neither one of us wanted to miss our special tradition - yeah, the thought makes me tear up so we'll move on.

Peanut carried me with her (via a phone call) to the campus post office while she was picking up her present... all the while commenting on how utterly Icelandic it was so instead of her waiting to open it on Sunday, I urged her to open it then.  She seemed pleased and said that it was wonderfully squishy and very pretty... and that it smelled like Florida.  I went on to explain to her why it was done as it was and what it all meant - she said it was cool but I'm guessing that was more for my benefit which is still sweet.

I have never been more proud of a project in my entire life.  That thing is over 5 feet long and has almost 1,000 yards of yarn put into it... and I did it in just over a week - I had to wait for the orange and red additions to come in the mail.  I absolutely love it and am thinking of making another but I'm not sure of the color palette yet because there isn't much difference in temperatures here in Florida - unless I did it more in the way of sunny vs cloudy vs rainy and use yellows, greys and blues... now that's a thought.

In other project news, I am plugging along on my afghan and I think it will be a stunner when it's done.  I'm hoping to turn it in for Charms class over at HPKCHC because this month, I'm testing the yardage bonus.  I turned in Peanut's wrap for DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) and then hopefully this one for Charms.  That's just two classes when I normally turn in all six plus Quidditch.  I was awarded 176 points in January and 158 points in February so we'll see what two classes with super huge yardage yields.  If I can, I'm going to fill in with some smaller projects for an additional class or two - like my first attempt at an octagon that was one side short is now a hotpad and my Divination homework.

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