01 March 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 3/1 - 3/3

Yep, that's right... just one single project for the weekend.  Seriously, only one... I swear... stop laughing!
I am going to try something new this weekend.  I'm going to attempt project monogamy.  I need to finish this quickly and it's a rather large project for me so I'm going to make it my sole focus all weekend long.  I've already gotten started on it so once I get back from taking Hobbit to school, I'm already in a groove and know where I need to be today.  My goal is at least three color sections.  Each section is four rows and each row is one inch.  If I can stick to this plan, I will have half of this scarf/shawl completed before the weekend is over!  That's a total of 36 inches done!  Do you see that dark green stripe... that's the middle which is 40 inches.  I really want to complete this all this week but I have it scheduled to be done over two weekends.  I may have set my goal low but since I've never done this before I wanted it to be obtainable.

Secretly I'm hoping my car queue crafting time will put me ahead of schedule, mainly because I didn't add it in to my calculations but mostly because I've got a super huge blanket that I want to get done this month too!!

1 comment:

  1. I am loving the colors ... and I think it will be beautiful.

    Am working on only one thing this week-end - and that is a pair of socks that is almost finished...


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