30 March 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 3/29 - 4/1

I think it might even look a lot like a bunny... at least, I'm hoping it looks a lot like a bunny!
We're winding up our Spring Break this weekend but thankfully the kids are off through Easter Monday so that's nice.  Hobbit is going to go fishing with her daddy and I'm going to enjoy the quiet until they return with stories about the ones that got away.

We'll be eating dinner with my mama and great aunt for Easter but she promised a plate will be sent home for Pokey's supper so he doesn't miss out since he has to work.  My hope is to craft at least one bunny today and one on Sunday because I know my great aunt will want one... this will keep her from bogarting my mama's or Hobbit's.  Yes, she has no shame and does so with the simple statement of "I'm old, you can have it back when I'm dead".  I'm not joking, she seriously uses this as her excuse to take what she pleases.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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