03 March 2013

Sunday Snaps

We still have both the cats and slowly but surely, Bella has been coming out more and more.

I have made just a round and a half with this project, trying to do a 2x2 ribbing for the cuff.

Smudge has made her presence known and she apparently has nothing off limits.. even my grandfather's sweater chest!

Made an awesome supper that was gobbled up by all.

Seriously, she follows me around the house constantly.  It's cute and rather sad.

Just proving the power of blocking with my hat that I finished this past week.  Yeah, I dyed that yarn too!

Hobbit has been sneaking her crochet to school - teacher said she could do it during free time.  Such a Slytherpuff.
I started on the Temperature shawl Friday...
I was this far by Saturday night just before supper!
Added two more colors for the temperatures in Florida... can you guess which ones they are?
Seriously, she's still with me.  This chair is behind my desk chair.  Don't look at her though, she'll yell at you.
So that's been my week... cats, crochet and cooking.  Is there more to life?


  1. Gorgeous cats! I love cats. I will someday, most likely be a crazy old cat lady with tons of yarn and a few fat cats. I aspire to this actually. :)

    1. I would too except that I am so very allergic to the beautiful creatures. I love them too which makes it doubly cruel. I think I'll just be the crazy craft lady who lives next door to the crazy old cat lady with tons of yarn and a few fat cats.


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