22 March 2013

Sad night, better morning

So sad… but I have had a good cry and my mama said that she would come down on Saturday and go to every place in the world with cats and help me find a new one. Initially, C.J. (or "Sarah" as she was with them) was supposed to be here yesterday afternoon before supper… then after supper and now she said maybe not until late in the evening tomorrow. That’s unprofessional and unfair to my family.

Don’t even get me started on the whackadoodle conversation via telephone I had with her about this crazy contract she sent me. She basically outlined all that I could and could not do with the cat with the final caveat of how she could terminate the adoption at any point and take possession of my cat should they feel I violated the agreement. Keep in mind, this is a random stray found out and about that was picked up by the rescue people, not some purebred.  The contract was crazy to me because once I adopt the cat, she’s mine and their role ends. Her response was that if she drove by my house and saw that she was outside, she would take her… when would she even drive by my house? She’s across town! Too crazy for my taste but the final tearful straw was when she sent me an email at 7 p.m. tonight saying she was headed out again soon and that I might could get her tomorrow evening.

I was fed up and wrote her back, saying ”This is heartbreaking and rather frustrating, I will admit. I have offered to come and pick her up several times, all of which you have denied. I am sorry, but given the lack of organization and complete disregard or attention to adoptive pet parents, I am going to have to decline taking Sarah and will search for another cat to fill our hearts and home.” It broke my heart to write that but I know it was the right thing to do.

It seems that the bigger picture has been totally lost on this woman. She wrote me a nasty email in return that I won’t even go into because it just proves how self-righteous and whackadoodlely she truly is and though I feel horrible about not being able to bring the cat into our lives, but I’m very thankful to have not brought that woman in in return.

I’ve been looking at the humane and spca shelters for this weekend. I might head over to the one in Clearwater today after I take Hobbit to school. I think I need a quiet day to visit with them without her and my mama. If I find one, I can always bring her home and surprise everyone... if I don't, then I will look again tomorrow.

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  1. WOW! She definitely sounds like a whole new level of crazy cat lady! I'm so sorry CJ won't be coming to live with y'all, but I definitely think you do not need anyone checking up on how you are "raising" your new kitty. I know the world is a wonky place now, but that contract & last caveat is out of hand! **hugs**


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