11 June 2013

Tuesday Tunes

You know those days when you wake up and you know that you've gotten off your path and you need to get back on it?  Those days when you are tired of worrying and feeling anxious, crying out for a change?  Yeah, that was my morning.  I was first presented with a FB status update that read "Quit being worried, stressed out, wondering if it will happen. God has you in the palm of His hand. He has never once failed before, and the good news is, He is not about to start now."  Wow, get out of my head - how timely was that message?  Then I came across and reread this which reminded me of a song and so I pulled it up and listened to this...

It all brought me back to the Fall of 2002 when I went to listen to Franklin Graham speak and Michael W. Smith sing in Gainesville. I may identify with Society of Friends but I have a strong Southern Baptist base and in 2002, that was the day that I rededicated myself to God. I went with my dear friend, Debbie. I'm glad she was there with me - we have lived similar lives and we will always be connected through our shared experiences. We understand the path that each other has walked... but I digress.  The message that Franklin gave was very similar to the post I linked above and it always pops back into my life when I need it most.

I was unknowingly searching for it instead of waiting for it to find me.  I hadn't forgotten to ask for help - I had forgotten to stop taking it back.  I, being my stubborn self, only did the easy half by asking... it's time to the harder half, trusting and letting go.  So this morning, I have asked again but this morning, I'm also letting go.

Thank you, for guiding me to where I need to be... again.

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