26 June 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I've really only been working on two projects because I don't want to work on the other ones that I have available... I know, that's rotten, isn't it.  Welp, here's what I've got going on -

When other people are role playing, I keep myself engaged by working on this half star wrap...

When long presentations are happening that require me to focus, I work on this lace crown slouch hat.
I have a few other projects that I could work on but these are the two that keep me the most sane for the moment so they are the ones that are living on my desk - evident in the photos too... oh well.  I'm sure things will even out soon enough and I'll be begging for more time to craft but for now, I'll enjoy the found free time for my hands to be busy with hooks and needles while my ears and brain are otherwise engaged.  On the upside, I do have this finished project to share...

It's a thank you for Hobbit for being such a good girl while staying with her grandparents during my training.

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