19 June 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I really haven't started anything new but I want to... you know?  I have an itching to make another shawl, for myself this time, and I know what yarn I want to use but I don't have the right pattern for it and when I find a pattern I like, I don't have enough yarn.

Yesterday I sat down and wrote down all of my measurements.  That was an experience.  I may have a nice little image in my head of how I see myself but it always gets shattered whenever I write down actual numbers.  Oh well, since I know that I don't want to spend my days sweating in a gym and totally enjoyed my Black & White brownie last night, this is my body.  My husband still whistles when I get something out of the oven with my hiney in the air and that is all that matters to me.

So lend a girl a hand - help me find a great shawl pattern.  I am on a crochet kick lately so I would prefer that and I have 480 yards of Wexford Merino Silk, which is listed as a 10 ply/worsted weight though it doesn't feel like it at all.  I don't care for the shawls that look like netting or mesh but I absolutely love the classic, elegant look.  A shawl, or a shrug that goes up to a 47" bust, would be perfect.  Yeah, I know I just shared a measurement with y'all but hey, it's just a number, right?  I am totally skint so free downloadable works best for me right now or if someone has one that needs testing, I'm game.

That's my project week at a glance... oh, and I've been plugging away on this again -

When things get slow during training at my new job this week, I have been sneaking in a few stitches.
Then again, if I get bored with the super huge future granny square queen size bedspread, I can flip to one of the other projects I have housed in my office as well...

Two projects at arms reach - the lazyboy is in my office too though so that's really three.

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