25 June 2013

Tuesday Tunes

This was our first anniversary that went off without a bit of drama. For those who don't know - we usually celebrate our first day of marriage, not our wedding anniversary because of all the horrible things that have happened on that day.

Our first anniversary, we had to rush to Texas because my daddy had a heart attack and required emergency triple bypass surgery.

Our second anniversary, we had a huge fit over something stupid.

Our third anniversary, my husband came clean about having fibbed about quitting smoking the year prior - mainly because I came home to him smoking.

Can you see the pattern that came about in the first few years? Welp, this past Thursday was our 5th anniversary and I have to say - nothing went wrong! No illness, no drama... it was wonderful!! So to celebrate a fresh start to fabulous anniversaries, I'm sharing our song with y'all. Here's to all the rest of our anniversaries being as beautiful as this one.

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