12 June 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

You didn't think I'd spoil her surprise, did you?
I have been very busy this past week.  I managed to make everything I wanted for my mama's birthday - which is tomorrow but I won't see her until Sunday.  I sure hope that if she does come snooping around in here, she won't be able to figure it out from the photo.  I did make sure to add it to the Present Protection Program - not even Hobbit knows so she can't flub up and let it slip.

There has been no progress on my gingerbread house but I have made some (completely unnoticeable) progress on my Mission shawl.  I've only got two rows left to do but the last row took me an hour to make so they'll only get longer from here.  Here's a photo from this morning...

I measured it and I'm at 15.5" with two rows left to go.  I was worried about the stitch pattern but it's showing up.
So that's been my week.  I promise to share my mama's presents on Sunday's post because she'll have received them, though my post might be a bit later than usual. I hope your projects are going well - what are you working on?

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