09 June 2013

Sunday Snaps

I started out the week ripping back my shawl and trying to get back where I was...

Lots of Tinkerbell love this week.  She's gotten to be so big and finding her groove in our family.

I wrote up an fabulous recipe for a tuna casserole with some zip and zing to it - it's wonderful!

I made myself a new hotpad on the last day of school, enjoying the final quite hours for the next 12 weeks.

I got back to were I was before I had to frog a large section of earlier in the week... but this time it's right!

First named storm of the season came through - nothing major but we did get some much needed rain.

I am honestly keeping up with the FMS photo a day challenge this month, which makes me very happy.

Hobbit turned in her first homework assignment over at the HPKCHC - Divination.  She made it all by herself too.

I kept keeping up my end of things by cheering on Hufflepuff for Quidditch, with some Slyther-love thrown in.

Yesterday, I had an idea for a hat and so instead of just figuring I'll do it later, I sat down and got to work on it...

I really love how the crochet lace plays off the knitted base.  It's going to be wonderful, at least I hope so.

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