16 June 2013

Sunday Snaps

I'm working on a new slouch hat design that combines my love of crochet and knitting.

I worked all week to make my mama's birthday presents and she will get them today when she gets here.

Buddy & Tinkerbell have been acting rather weird lately so I documented the weirdness because they crack me up.

Tuuuuuuurtle... and unless you've seen "The Master of Disguise", you think we're nuts.  Hobbit loves her new glasses.

I have gone two weeks without coffee so I splurged on Friday... but in reality, I just wanted my own coffee with my creamer.

You know how sometimes stuff just tastes really super good - yeah, that was my chips from lunch the other day.

Hobbit cleaned out her "baby" books and we donated them to the local library.
I am chuffed beyond belief at how this came out and I think my mama really liked it too - at least I hope so!

That's been my week - a complete whirlwind on so many levels.  Things are still spinning and churning around but I don't have the emotional strength to get into them right now.  Perhaps when it's all settled down a bit I will share but for now, it's all too stressful to open up that Pandora's box.  I'll just leave it with the hope and prayer that everyone has parents that are as fabulous as mine have been to us.  Without them, we would be living an entirely different life by now.

They are and have always been my lighthouse and I love them - I'm not eloquent enough to say it any better than that.

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  1. fun post! Your mother's shawl turned out excellent. Love your daughter's glasses and I'm all about tasty coffee and chips :) Happy week to you.


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