05 June 2013

Wednesday Wound-Up

I've been having a bit of tunnel vision with my projects this week.  I want to make sure to be able to finish my Mission and my OWL but I'll be losing a lot of my summer crafting time starting on the 17th so I've worked double time on them.  Here is what I have so far...

I've made it to the roof candies but there is still so much more to go - 72 gumdrops, just to give you an idea... not to mention candy canes, door, windows, trees, peppermints... oh yeah.  Lots to do!

I promised to row 30 (I'm on 28) but I just might go longer for a full shawl instead of a shawlette.
I did sit down during Hobbit's last day of school yesterday and I made one project from start to finish to simply enjoy the quiet.  No TV, no music - just the sound of yarn running through my fingers and the raindrops falling outside.  Here it is...
A two sided pot holder.  It's super squishy and I'm really tickled with how it turned out.
So now I've got five other classes in the HPKCHC to work on (CoMC is taken care of now with the pot holder) and they will be covered with my collection that I'm making for my mama.  Her birthday is coming up next Thursday and this is what I would like to make for her...
They're all out of this awesome book she gave me for Christmas called "Quick-Stitch Crochet".
I'm hoping to be able to get these done all done before I see her next weekend.  I hope she likes it all.  I'm going to go with bright, happy colors because they best represent my mama.  I have a wonderful rainbow variegated that I want to use on the jar and lots of bright leftovers for the other pieces.

That's my week in projects... what are you working on right now?

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