07 June 2013

Weekend Wonderment ~ 6/7 - 6/9

This is all I can share because I'm actually going to be spending all weekend working on my mama's birthday presents!
I've got my own little personal one woman sweatshop going on here this weekend.  I've managed to complete two of the presents that I want to make my mama for her birthday but I've got three more waiting in the wings.  I can't wait to show you but the best I can do for now, so as to not ruin her surprise in case she's poking her head in here, is to show you the pretty yarn.  I promise to share the finished goods with y'all once she gets them.

I've also got something else happening right now - a new pattern in the testing phase!  I believe my math is sound so this testing section of the process should just whip right along.  I am really jazzed about it but I'll warn you, it's a pattern for a niche market really but that market will hopefully adore it.

Back to the mines with me.  Have an awesome weekend!

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